Amber Heard Prepared to Leave Troubled Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard during the 72th Venice Film Festival 2015 in Venice, Italy
Source: Shutterstock / Matteo Chinellato

Another gold-digger out to take a man’s money.

Well, some people have the nerve. That is what many are saying upon hearing about the recent divorce suit filed by Amber Heard against her beloved A-List actor spouse Johnny Depp. Heard wants a share of the $400 million estates of the Pirates of the Caribbean star. Is this even remotely fair? No, say most fans. This woman deserves little, if anything, at all.

First, angry fans believe that Heard has not been married long enough to make a claim to the Depp fortune. After all, the two married only 15 months ago. Now, she wants to leave. No wonder his family apparently never liked her.

Second, it is hard to believe the timing of the divorce filing. Yes, the rumors are correct. Heard informed Depp of her decision to leave him only two days following his mother leaving this earth. If that is not the epitome of disrespect, what is?

Here was a man grieving the loss of a loved one. He suddenly gets served with legal papers from his wife asking for a divorce. He has to endure losing both a mother and a wife simultaneously. She could have at least waited! No, it is obvious that this woman has no love for Depp. More than likely, this whole marriage scam was about the Depp money all along.

After the public turned against her, Heard suddenly filed a domestic violence restraining order against Depp. Whether or not this is true has not been proven. The plot thickens.