Benedict Cumberbatch Has An Interesting Way To Prep For Hosting Saturday Night Live


Source: E! Online

People all over the world are looking forward to seeing Oscar-nominee Benedict Cumberbatch in the much-anticipated film Dr. Strange. Many even believe that Cumberbatch will be in an upcoming Avengers film. In the meantime, people can enjoy Benedict Cumberbatch engaging with Jimmy Fallon in a viral Mad Libssketch.

The sketch takes place in an interview room. Cumberbatch, known everywhere for his soothing London accent, transitioned immediately into a New York City police officer, accent and all. The interview quickly descended into a comical sketch.

The Dr. Strange star and Tonight Show host played several rounds of Mad Libs, including popular movie quotes, random numbers, unique body parts, and wild animals. Once the words had been tossed around, the actor and host used the words to build a scene between a criminal and police officer. The result was utterly hilarious. The accent had the entire audience, as well as Jimmy Fallon, cracking up to no end. Even the word “gyrating” made a hilarious, but useful, appearance.

This sketch was undoubtedly perfect practice for Benedict Cumberbatch’s first time hosting Saturday Night Live, which will take place on Saturday. It was obvious he had a great time during the sketch, as he could barely contain his laughter.

During his appearance, Cumberbatch shared his list of firsts and undoubtedly connected even further with his fans. He revealed that his first kiss was underwater, his first album was Michael Jackson’s Bad, and that his first concert was the Guns ‘N Roses.

Cumberbatch fans and the Saturday Night Live audience are undoubtedly looking forward to his appearance on the iconic NBC show this weekend.