15 Craziest Celebrity Feuds Of All Time

15. Stallone And Schwarzenegger


Source: Orion Pictures / 20th Century Fox

In the 80s, the rivalry between Stalone and Schwarzenegger was as big as their muscles.

Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger are arguably two of the biggest action stars of all time. When you build a career on being macho, though, you are easily threatened when someone comes to dispute your rank as the ultimate manly man.

Way back in 1982, Stallone’s Rocky III was on the big screen at the same time as Schwarzenegger’s Conan the Barbarian. There were probably many avid moviegoers staring at the movie times trying to decide which film would satiate their action itch. Then to make matters worse, Schwarzenegger delivered with Terminator in 1984 while Stallone followed up with Rambo. In their eyes, there was not enough room at the top for both of these stars, their muscles, and their egos, which turned into a massive rivalry.

Stallone recently said, “We really disliked each other intensely for 20 years.” Whoa, be careful, Rocky. Them’s fighting words.

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