14 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were In The Military


Source: CNN.com

Men and women of all different backgrounds serve their country by joining the United States military — and occasionally some of those people become famous. While nobody is surprised that tough guys like John Cena or Clint Eastwood were members of the armed forces, what if I told you that some of your favorite counter-culture icons spent their youth taking orders from Uncle Sam?

Yes, there are a number of surprising celebrities in the military — celebrities who caused trouble, celebrities who got kicked out of the service for strange reasons, and even a few who came home highly decorated after serving in some of the most dangerous conflicts ever.

Join us as we run down a list of celebrities you probably didn’t know were in the military and learn about their time in the armed services. Get ready to be shocked when you see why many of them were drummed out and had to pursue other careers!

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