10 Syrian-American Celebrities Who Don’t Care About The Crisis

Paula Abdul


Source: Muzul

She is not Cold Hearted, but this celebrity with a Syrian background refuses to respond to outcry’s on her Twitter feed for attention to the region.

Paula Abdul’s father was born in Aleppo, and although his hometown has become the most talked about place in the world this year, Paula Abdul has refused even to reference wartorn city.

If you have ever seen American Idol you know, this multi-ethnic pop phenomenon does not have a problem speaking her mind, apparently except when it comes to the Syrian Refugee Crisis. Many of her followers on Twitter have pleaded with her to help and to speak out against the destruction taking place in Aleppo, but the Grammy winner has remained uncharacteristically silent on the issue.

It is, however, not much of a surprise that she has not given any money to the cause. In 2009 she only gave 10% of the money she had raised from a charity E-bay auction for the American Humane Association and kept the rest for herself. That’s cold Paula.

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