20 Celebrity Trends You’re Too Old To Wear

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These fashion styles may have been big a few years back, but now they are fashion faux pas. Just because we’ve seen a celebrity rock the neon leggings or the pea-green dress, doesn’t mean we can all pull it off. Here are 20 celebrity trends that all of us should just try to avoid.

1. Dyed Hair

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Katy Perry

Katy Perry can sometimes pull off the neon blue or bright pink hair, but everyone else just looks like they’re trying to stand out in high school. And for many of us, high school was one of the most awkward years of our lives.

2. Excessive Cleavage


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Pamela Anderson

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. But when it comes to cleavage, too much can be tasteless. A plunging neckline can come off as desperate and attention-seeking.

3. Skimpy Skirts


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Katie Holmes

Mini skirts as you age are trashy with age. Get rid of those desperate, attention-seeking dresses and get something just above the knee.

4. Poofy Dresses


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Kim Kardashian

Poofy dresses can make you look bigger. A lot bigger. Get something that fits a bit more to your body and frays out as it goes down the leg, not before.

5. Lingerie Dresses


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Adrienne Maloof

You’re going out, not going to bed. This leaves nothing to the imagination and makes you look easy.

6. Cheetah Print

Nicki Minaj (Givenchy Couture)

Source: God Save Fashion

Nicki Minaj

Animal print only looks good on the stars. When everyone else does it, they’re just asking for a PETA activist to throw paint on them.

7. Floral Print


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Kim Kardashian

Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking. Floral print has become a fashion faux pas and should be avoided like the plague.

8. Neon Fringe


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Want to look like you’re from the muppets? Bright colored fringe can make you seem like the cookie monster.

9. Booty Shorts


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Iggy Azalea

Unless you’re a teenager and in your bedroom, you should never come out in public looking like this.

10. Platform Shoes


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Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

These clunky shoes should only be used to defend yourself from an assailant. They also make you look top heavy.

11. Scrunchies


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Paula Abdul

Scrunchies went out of fashion in the 90s. If you still have these lying around, get rid of them.


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Sarah Jessica Parker.

You aren’t working on a farm or a construction worker. You are a lady. Dress like one.

Polka Dots


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Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

Want to make yourself like a giant cotton ball? A dress with polka dots will make you puff up like a puffer fish.

Ripped Knee Jeans


Source: So Feminine

Kristen Stewart

Ripped jeans may have been alright in high school, but you’re a lady now. Any clothes ripped or torn should be donated or thrown out.


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Kelly Osbourne

Unless you’re the queen or princess of a country, the tiara is just tacky.

Denim Dresses


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Cat Deeley

Unless they’re jeans, denim isn’t a flattering material.

Stripper Heels


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Miley Cyrus

You know these shoes are going to kill your feet. Spare yourself the pain. Take off a few inches and wear something a bit more classy.

Crop Tops


Source: Cosmopolitan

Kylie Jenner

Unless you have a toned stomach or are in your twenties, you can’t pull off the mid-drift.

Graphic Tees

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Graphic tees may be coming back. But a lot of them are meant for teenagers.