10 Facts You Need To Know About North Korea

Pleasure Squad


Source: Foundation for Economic Education

Women are enlisted into a “Pleasure Squad” every year for top officials in North Korea.

Former Pleasure Squad member who fled to South Korea, Mi Hyang, claims groups of attractive women are enlisted to provide sexual and entertainment services to the elite.

“When I first met Kim Jong Il, he looked so normal … like a next-door neighbor. He has many brown spots on his face. His teeth were yellowish. My previous fancy about the great leader was shattered at that very moment,” Mi Hyang said in her interview. “But he was very considerate towards me.” Stories about life in North Korea by defectors are often published in the South, but Mi Hyang’s one is unusual in that it deals directly and intimately with the life of Mr. Kim. Few people have access to the leader.

Women in the pleasure squad are also mandated to do other forms of service, including military training. Because if you aren’t fighting for the Supreme Leader and giving head to his loyalists your a traitor.

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