Hollywood Is Buzzing About Kim Kardashian’s Alleged Affair


Source: Entertainment Press / Helga Esteb

Big Brother’s Calum Best reportedly had an enjoyable secret affair with Kim Kardashian before she became the massive star she is today.  Reportedly, their “intimate romance” took place when they both were in Miami.

Calum became a big lady’s man with millions of female admirers while he was on the Celebrity Big Brother reality show and Kim became the megastar she is since their romance.  It’s believed the two met through her step-brother Brody Jenner, who was also Calum’s good friend.  The two both had famous fathers and were known to hang out in the same social circles when they were young.

Since that time, they both became big in the media and went their own ways.  Jenner and Calum continue to be friends.

Obviously, Kim is married now, and Calum keeps in touch with the family.  Their secret tryst is believed to have gone on prior to Kim’s first marriage to Damon Thomas, music producer, in 2000.  That marriage took place seven years before the leak of the infamous tape with Ray J, an ex-boyfriend.

During this time, Calum was in a relationship with Playboy model Lindsey Pelas, which he ended before entering the Big Brother compound.  Kim denies any romance ever took place between the two, but only they know the entire truth.

What we do know is that Kim and Calum did share the same 5th-grade class, so maybe it was only a wishful crush.