Jay Z Apologizes To Beyoncé For Cheating On Her

Source: T Photography / Shutterstock.com

Recently, Beyoncé released a new studio album called Lemonade that has rocked the entire world, especially the Queen Bee fans. However, the lyrics of some of the songs in the Lemonade album have made some fans believe that Jay-Z has cheated on Queen Bee before in the past. Unsurprisingly, everybody has been talking about these speculations. Some fans are even trying to determine the identity of “Becky with the Good Hair,” who is mentioned on the album Lemonade.

In a recent Funny or Die skit, Jay-Z apologized to Beyoncé for cheating on her. This skit is titled I Gave You Lemons, which is an obvious reference to the title of Beyoncé’s new album. Many fans who listened to the parody believed that it was Jay-Z apologizing because the fake voice sounded exactly like him.

As you know, Jay-Z hasn’t responded to the lyrics of the Lemonade album in public yet. Therefore, the directors of the I Gave You Lemons skit, which is an hour-long parody, had to be creative in the portrayal of Jay-Z and his response.

The skit featured the fake voice of Jay-Z narrating a hilarious apology to his wife, Beyoncé. The actual clip of the skit features random pictures and videos of nature. Even though Queen Bee fans around the world at laughing at the hilarity of this skit, many still wonder if the Lemonade album accurately reflects Beyoncé’s marriage to Jay-Z.