Jon Hamm: No Longer a Mad Man in 2015

John Hamm Mad Men


With the final season of “Mad Men” culminating a few days after actor Jon Hamm’s release from a 30-day alcohol rehab program, marks the end of the popular series, yet a new opportunity for the celebrity to recreate his professional identity. Checking into the Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan, Connecticut in February 2015, was the beginning of Hamm’s return to health.

Frustrated by conflicting contract interests, Hamm was eliminated from consideration from the film, “Gone Girl.” Unfortunately, the contract issue stood in the way of his desire to pursue new directions prior to end of his standing studio obligations. Faced with a wide open future, yet without knowledge of the next big opportunity, Hamm was upset about the uncertainty of his career. “Gone Girl” would have offered the kind of transition that would have secured his name among other top celebrities going forward.

Concerns that his career might take another blow, Hamm made the right decision to enter rehab. Reputed around Hollywood as a heavy drinker, Hamm succumbed to alcohol at a time when many celebrities faced with similar circumstances have. The key to turning the current scenario around, says Hamm, is a reconfirmation of commitment to self.

Now that his health is restored, Hamm is certain to face the press and his fans with stunning appeal. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, Hamm is living proof that life’s biggest obstacles can be overturned. The end to “Mad Men” ushered in a new era of responsibility for Hamm, who had become accustomed to the ease of the next paycheck.

Longtime girlfriend, Jennifer Westfeldt is standing behind Hamm. The struggle with alcohol is typically recurrent. Both have requested privacy from reporters.