Katt Williams Strikes Again

Katt Williams
Source: NY Daily News

Troubled comedian Katt Williams has a knack for grabbing headlines with his bizarre and wildly erratic behavior. This latest incident is certainly no exception. A video posted online early Tuesday morning shows Williams, 42,  sucker-punching a middle schooler followed by the boy grappling the comedian to the ground and placing Williams in a chokehold. After the fight is broken up by the seventh grader’s friends, Williams continues to lie dazed in the grass, presumably contemplating how his life ended up at this point.

Allegedly, a confrontation during a friendly soccer match that Williams had joined with the students provoked the violent response. No matter what words between the teen and the comedian were exchanged off camera, Williams’ reaction is hard to justify. The comedian claims that the student threatened him, but the average person probably wouldn’t use that as a platform to start beating children.

Katt Williams is clearly not the average person. He can add this week’s scuffle to a long and storied rap sheet. Over the years, Williams has been charged with carrying a concealed firearm, burglary, child endangerment, and numerous assault cases. The investigation being launched into this latest fight arrives on the heels of his three arrests since February 29th.

Whether Williams’ eccentricity can be ascribed to drug use or just plain mental illness remains unclear. What is clear is that his behavior has posed a consistent and serious risk to himself and others. Let’s hope he’s able to get the help he desperately needs.

Source: YouTube -TMZ