R. Kelly’s 10 Most Depraved Crimes Will Make You Sick

10. Domestically Abused His Wife


Source: cnikky.com

Kelly’s ex-wife, Andrea, came public about her husband hitting her multiple times in 2005.

Yes, the least depraved crime on this list is R. Kelly’s domestic abuse. Let that sink in.

In 1996, R. Kelly married Andrea, a dancer, and choreographer from his stage show. Together they had three children —two daughters (the youngest of whom recently came out as transgender) and a son.

In 2005, Andrea claimed that Kelly had hit her on multiple occasions and repeatedly hit her one time after asking for a divorce. MTV News said that in September 2005, she was given an emergency protective order to keep Kelly away from her, claiming stalking, harassment, physical abuse and interfering with her personal liberty.

Apparently, she didn’t call the police thinking it would get better. They eventually divorced in 2009.

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