Remember The Baywatch Cast? See What They Look Like Now

Alexandra Paul


Source: The Daily Mail / Helga Esteb

Stephanie Holden – (93 episodes, 1992-1997)

With her short hair and muscular physique, Alexandra Paul stood out as one of the most beautiful women of the cast of Baywatch. She played the role of emotionally damaged Stephanie Holden until her character’s life ended with a stroke of lightning in season 7.

In real life, Paul felt it was time to pursue other projects. She starred on L.A. Firefighters from 1996-1997.

She struggled with binge eating in the past, Paul, now 53, and still has an enviable figure thanks to her fit lifestyle and vegan diet. She says, “any insecure thoughts of how my body looks pale in comparison to how grateful I am for what my body does.”

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