13 Super Fans Who Had Plastic Surgery To Look Like Celebrities

Jack Johnson


Source: Chron / NBC Miami

David Beckham

Spent $26,000 on government benefits (thanks, Obama), to try to transform into David Beckham. Jack Johnson had his cheeks and chin filled, an eyebrow lift, and his teeth enhanced. He even gets monthly tanning injections to “try and get [Beckham’s] skin tone.” The delusional man admits he is willing to shell out another $40,000 to complete his transformation.

When confronted by Holly Willoughby, “Do you ever worry that after doing all of this, spending all of this money, and putting your health at risk, that maybe you should actually just work on you, and learn to love the person you really are?” she asked.

Johnson responded with: “Not really, I’m happy looking like David Beckham.”

I think he should have just tried to look more like Jack Johnson, he already had the name.

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