This Crazy Fan Has Dedicated His Life To Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner
Source: Tinseltown

Meet Johnny Cyrus. He’s just a nineteen-year-old boy from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, except for one small thing: he lives and breathes the essence of a celebrity he barely even knows: Kylie Jenner. From his YouTube videos to his burgeoning Instagram with over 100,000 followers, Cyrus takes the obsessed fan to a whole other level and has managed to meet the star 3 times in person, waiting hours upon hours at her various appearances and snapping selfies for the world to see.

Everything he wears is Kylie-themed, from shirts with her face on it to the same kind of clothes she wears. Not only that – he has multiple tattoos honoring the shades of lip gloss from Kylie’s “Lip Kit“. Cyrus might seem creepy, stalker-ish, and even a little nuts. But he totally owns it and doesn’t think twice about how others might view him.

So, why is he so obsessed with Kylie? While some may find Cyrus strange, he poses no threat to Kylie. In all of his social media posts, he clearly states how much he loves her, admires her, and looks up to her as a role model. While obsessive, Cyrus has a unique adoration for the reality-TV celeb and defines her as his “religion“. Everything about Kylie, from her changing hair colors to her extensive lip injections awes Cyrus, and he can’t get enough. Cyrus has stated that he began following Kylie when she first started posting on Keek, a social video sharing site. From there, his obsession took off, and he now says that Kylie’s confidence and composure in the limelight keep him intrigued.

While most people can’t imagine being so obsessed with a celebrity, Cyrus is happy, bubbly, and loving his life as an “Instagram famous” sensation. Hey, Johnny, you do you!