What 15 Plastic Surgery-Loving Celebs Will Look Like In 10 Years

15. Mickey Rourke


Source: PinterestSerge Rocco / Shutterstock.com / Villians Wiki

Actor Mickey Rourke had to get multiple surgeries to fix his smashed face after a brief foray into professional boxing.

Mickey Rourke used to be one of Hollywood’s hottest young stars. With marquee roles in multiple movies, he seemed to have it all — money, women, and fame. Which is why many people were confused when he decided to leave acting behind to pursue professional boxing.

Fortunately for Mickey Rourke, he could take a punch. His professional boxing record was six wins and two draws — not too shabby. Unfortunately for his face, Mickey Rourke could take a punch, and his opponents tired their arms out beating the handsome out of his face.

Rourke had to undergo reconstructive surgery to fix his face, but even he has admitted that it didn’t turn out so well. He told the Daily Mail in 2009 that he had five operations on his nose and one on a smashed cheekbone, but unless his surgeon did the operations with a pair of safety scissors, we think he’s lowballing all the work he had done.

These days, Mickey Rourke looks like a desperate man wearing an old Mickey Rourke mask that was left in the summer sun. If he doesn’t stop going under the knife, he’ll be looking like Michael Myers from Halloween by early next decade.

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