You Wont Believe What Happened When These 10 Celebrities Lost It

Rob Kardashian


Source: VH1

On December 17th Rob Kardashian had a mental breakdown on Instagram.

In mid-December of 2016 Robert Kardashian, to came home to find that his wife, baby, and all his Eggos were gone.
His live-in fiance had fled with his newborn daughter after an alleged session of emotional abuse from Kardashian. Coming home to find half your family missing and your one-month-old gone would send any parent into a psychotic episode. Rob’s reaction was so bazaar and so public that over 8,000,000 Instagram users could not look away.
He then proceeded to upload a series of disturbing Snapchats to Instagram of him moping around the empty house completely emotionally detached, and then crying uncontrollably. The actual unraveling of his mental state became apparent when he started to upload memes that were making fun of his heart-wrenching situation posted with captions like “but she really stole my Eggos and BBQ sauce and the whole freezer was full of Eggos, but bring dream back to her Dad please.”
The lunacy went on for the full day, but by the end of the weekend the posts were deleted, and Chyna was back in the house just in time for the world premiere of their E! Network special “Welcome Home Baby Dream.
Check out the next slide. You won’t believe his fiance’s side of the story!
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