You’ll Never Believe Who Jennifer Lawrence is Dating Now!


Source: People

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the biggest female stars in the industry right now. She’s adored by millions of individuals all over the world and has had her pick of young, handsome, famous men, such as Nicholas Hoult. However, Lawrence is currently dating somebody who might come as a surprise to many who follow the celebrity scene.

JLaw’s new squeeze is acclaimed director Darren Aronofsky, the man behind Black Swan and Requiem for a Dream. A starlet dating her director is certainly not unheard of in Hollywood, but Aronofsky is 47 years old — 21 years older than Lawrence.

A source described Lawrence’s and Aronofsky’s relationship as “hanging out and casually dating,” so it doesn’t sound like things have gotten serious yet. The two lovebirds are working on an untitled film, which he is directing and she is starring in alongside Javier Bardem and Ed Harris. The movie is in post-production after shooting over the summer.

It’s still unclear when Lawrence’s and Aronofsky’s relationship started. They were pictured together in August eating at a cafe. The source for this information wouldn’t elaborate on how long they’ve been together, but more details are expected to come out as their relationship progresses.

Given their Hollywood stardom and age difference,  it seems unlikely that they will stay together, but you never know!